Options & embellishments

We have range of ink colours for you to choose from. However if you don’t see the colour you desire we will happily mix a colour just for you, ideally with a PMS colour. Please note that each computer screen or printer cannot give a 100% accurate representations of Pantone colours or our selection of colours compared to the final result when letterpress printed.

Don’t have a Pantone book? That’s not a problem, we can match a colour with just about anything, simply send us a sample. Maybe you have a colour in your head but can’t find an example to show us, a rather unorthodox suggestion is a trip to you local paint counter. Paint swatches are a wonderful source of colour inspiration.


ink colours

Make your invitations stand out with a little shine! Upgrade a one colour item to feature foil only. If you would like to only use a little foil as well as an ink colour, then select a two colour item and the foil upgrade.


We have a diverse library of fonts with which to create your designs, from elegant scripts to modern slab fonts. The perfect combination of typefaces will truly enhance your design. With each draft design we include a number of variations depending on your design brief.

A traditional invitation often features a serif font, and a serif or script feature font. A modern invitation might feature sans-serif or slab-serif fonts. Handwriting and display fonts are more likely to appear on casual or quirky invitations. The fonts used in your design is often a direct reflection of the style of your wedding.


The most popular choice for letterpress printing is 100% cotton paper. It is thick, soft, luxurious and takes impression beautifully, not to mention the fact it is completely tree free gives you warm, fuzzy, green feelings. Our preferred stock is Crane Lettra and comes in three different shades (bright white, off white and cream) and two weights (300gsm and 600gsm).

stock colours

Our standard weight for invitations is 300gsm, but if your are considering printing both sides, or want to add that extra level of luxury, we suggest the double thick 600gsm stock. Please note that this stock cannot be folded. However, if you are on a budget there are other options should you wish to keep costs down, although it’s best to note that the impression and ink density can vary depending on the quality and density of the stock.

We can also letterpress print on a selection of coloured stocks and rustic kraft stock. Note: the weights for these stock vary and are limited.

We have created a selection of choices that make letterpress printing your invitations more budget friendly, almost every piece comes with a choice of Petite, Standard or Premium sizes. For example, our standard invitation size is 125mm x 175mm or a premium invitation size is 140mm x 216mm. We import our stock from the USA, and we use the matching stock envelopes. If you would prefer to source your own envelopes we can of course produce any size of invitation to suit, just let us know the size of your artwork and the envelope you wish to use.


All of our estimates include 100% cotton envelopes to match your chosen stock colour, ie. bright white, off white and cream. Or you may prefer to choose coloured envelopes to complement your design. We have a selection of envelopes which closely match some of our standard inks (see the Colour tab). Please note that these are not an exact match and inks may appear slightly lighter or darker than the envelopes. This is only a small selection and a wider variety may be available on request. All of our envelopes standardly feature a square flap, some coloured envelopes can be ordered with a pointed flap as shown.


Why not add a little pop of colour and/or pattern to your envelopes. We have a selection of patterns and designs for you to choose from, or we can create a liner specifically to match your stationery. All of our liners are flat printed printed on a lightly textured stock that matches your chosen stock colour and arrives assembled for you.


Including a letterpress printed return address on your invitation envelopes and your RSVP envelopes gives your stationery an elegant touch.

We also offer a selection of unique labels that can be used for flat printing guest addresses, this gives a clean finish and allowing us to match the fonts and colours used within your suite. Some of our labels also wrap around the envelopes, allowing you to combine both a return address and your guest addresses in one.


Simple corner rounding can give a subtle elegance to your stationery. Another option would be a custom die-cut to create a truly unique design, for example a circular invitation, or with scalloped edges. Let us know if one of these are options you would like included in your estimate.


Letterpress printing is simple and elegant, but sometimes you just want that little bit more of a wow factor. Use flat printing to create a colourful base for your invitation details.


All of our pocket folds come in a variety of colours. They come pre-glued, ready for assembly and can hold up to four or five 300gsm inserts. (Envelopes are still required.)